Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are not just good for the environment; they can also save you up to 35% on your energy bill. Airconditioning systems are the largest consumers of electricity for any building. The energy used in cooling generally accounts for 60% of a building’s total energy consumption. By converting to hydrocarbon refrigerants with CoolQuip, substantial energy savings can become a reality.

Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are 50% more efficient conductors of heat than Fluorocarbon Refrigerants. Their operating pressures are about 20% lower than that of Fluorocarbon Refrigerants. These lower operating discharge pressures reduce the work that the compressor has to do thus reducing wear and tear. There is less pressure on pipe work, joints, hoses, fittings and the like reducing the likelihood of leaks. This can and will extend the working life of your equipment.

All these advantages equate to an energy saving of between 17% and 35 % with an average of 25%.

Coolquip offers a full service that makes it easy for you to achieve energy savings month after month. From an initial analysis of your equipment, to installation of your customized system, to follow up service – we provide everything you need to make you energy efficient.


The following examples provide an indication of commercial enterprises using ERG Hydrocarbon refrigerants, and their cost savings:


  • Far East Square Shopping Mall using York 200TR Water-cooled Recip Chiller recorded 16% savings.
  • Defence Science & Technology Agency using Carrier 1hp Air-cooled split unit recorded 16% savings.
  • Dapenso Building using Carrier 21TR Water-cooled Packaged Unit recorded 32% savings.
  • Watson's Stores using Daikin Air-cooled Split Unit recorded 24% savings.
  • The Moomba Restaurant, Boat Quay using McQuay 8hp Air-cooled split unit recorded 16% savings


  • 7-eleven Stores Kuala Lumpur, Topaire Air-cooled Split Unit recorded 24% savings.
  • Flairis Kota Tinggi, Water-cooled Packaged Unit recorded 19% savings.
  • Nichicon Bangi, Topaire Water-cooled Packaged Unit recorded 20% savings.
  • Sumiden Electronics Shah Alam, Topaire Air-cooled Split Unit recorded 22% savings.
  • Hosiden Electronics Bangi, Air-cooled Split Unit recorded 25% savings


The following projects are examples of commercial enterprises using hydrocarbon refrigerants:

  • REWE Supermarket (Germany)
  • Edeka Supermarkets (Germany)
  • Frucor Processors (Hastings, New Zealand )
  • Tip Top Bread (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Kiwi Co-operative Diaries Ltd, (Hawera, New Zealand)
  • Bodo Airbase (Norway):
  • Backhammars Bruk (Sweden)
  • AG-Favor (Sweden)
  • PUB Department Store (Sweden)
  • Sainsbury’s Supermarket (UK)
  • Tesco’s Supermarket (UK)
  • Out of This World Stores (UK)
  • Iceland Supermarkets (UK)
  • National Trust (UK)
  • Royal Institute of British Architects (UK)
  • National Hospital (UK)
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK)
  • London Transport (UK)
  • Esso Gas Station Supermarkets (UK)


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