Over the past century, harmful refrigerant gas emissions have been one of the greatest single factors responsible for changes to our environment and eco systems through depletion of the ozone layer and global warming.

This phenomenon has become known as the ‘Greenhouse Effect’.

Refrigerant gas emissions can occur at various stages of gas production, equipment manufacture, systems leakage, re-gassing and at the eventual disposal of the equipment. These harmful Greenhouse gases have varying effects on the environment. Some deplete the ozone layer (expose the planet to harmful rays of the sun) while others cause global warming (warm up the planet by trapping the heat in the atmosphere).

Chemical corporations that profit from the manufacture of chemical refrigerants downplay, for obvious commercial reasons, the potential negative environmental and human health impacts of their products.

Please study the graph below to see the Global Warming Potential of the chemical refrigerants as compared to the readily available natural refrigerants.

There is something we can all do – choose natural and safe hydrocarbon refrigerants created by nature which cannot be patented – rather than harmful chemical refrigerants produced by the corporate giants which are covered by worldwide patents. As long as we continue to rely on industrial chemicals instead of natural refrigerants to meet our refrigeration needs, we shall pay an environmental penalty.

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