The rate of climate change expected over the next 100 years is unprecedented in human history. It is difficult to grasp the full meaning of Global Warming as we rush to the next event of the day, yet face it we must or else allow the inevitable to happen. There is nothing new in extinction.

Mr Klaus Toepfer from the United Nations Environment Program said in March 2004, "Fighting Climate Change requires Governments, Business and Citizens across the Globe to harness technologies in the pipeline and act".

At Coolquip we believe that Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are one of those technologies that can make a big difference. Not only to the environment but also to your energy bill.

Coolquip offers a full service that makes it easy for you to achieve energy savings month after month. From an initial analysis of your equipment, to installation of your customized system, to follow up service – we provide everything you need to make you energy efficient.

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